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Harry Potter Sessions 

Hogwarts, Harry Potter , Gryffindor

Wands out! Calling all Witches and Wizards young and old!!

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a part of the Wizarding world? Come along and join Paper Heart Pixie Photography.
Together we will create some magic & mischief. Two types of sessions will be offered. Indoor studio session and an outdoor sessions.
We will capture you working on your Wingardium Leviosa charm,
dueling, reading the Daily Prophet or studying for your O.W.L exams.
Come dressed in your school robes or best Wizarding world attire!
Wands, glasses, and house scarfs will be available, as well as magical props to use.
Dust off those robes and join us for some well mannered frivolity.

These sessions are to take place between Sept 1st – Oct. 29th of 2019 and will be arranged with each client.

Session Fee is required to book your session:
$199 for outdoor session
$99 for an indoor (studio session) up to 2 people

Your session fee includes: Session time
of 30 minutes for studio or 60 minutes for outdoor session, use of our props and wardrobe.
Session fee is non-refundable.
These sessions are geared towards children and adults, Ages 3+,
Up to two children per session. (additional fee of $45 per person)
Only ten spots available!!

Within two weeks of your session you will select your finished product from a gallery of unedited images.
Depending on the Collection you select, you will receive 3, 7, or 15 magical hand-edited digital files with a print release.

Pricing is as follows:

Each digital image $125

$1195 | 15 digital portraits with Print Release

$650 | 7 digital portraits with Print Release

$349 | 3 digital portraits with Print Release

Available Add-ons:
Additional digital portraits $125 each
Digital portrait with custom Patronus added $79 each
Prints , canvases and albums will be available for purchase as well.

All outdoor sessions will be held 1-2 hours before sunset for optimal lighting. We will have a scarf from each house available as well as a Gryffindor robe available in children’s sizes 6, 8. We recommended you bring bug spray.
All payments are non-refundable. If in the event you are unable to attend, you may sell your session time or use the money towards another session within the same calendar year.
In the case of inclement weather a rain date will be provided.